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March 19 2017

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cheesy teen movie vibes… I’ve been listening to too much 2000s pop punk and needed an outlet

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Manchmal ist man eben nicht der Mensch, den andere wollen.
— (via das-geheimnis)

Was bringt Reden, wenn niemand einen versteht?

Wie konnte ich mich so gehen lassen?! Wie konnte ich bloß so fett werden?
— (via xsorry-im-not-perfectx)

March 14 2017

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tried giving percy that blue hairdo

it’s not that blue im disappointed in myself


I never make Keith hcs bc you guys do all the time but like have you considered Keith being a boy.

Like a boyish boy.

Like ripped jeans and baseball caps and shirts covered in oil from his car and black belts from the sixth grade and getting into fist fights because someone said Babe Ruth wasn’t that great of a player and sitting on the hood of his dad’s first car and being infatuated with with learning how to turn a spoon into a weapon and never wearing anything that matches.

Typically, I would think of it to be a Lance thing, but Lance is probably a boy that doesn’t mind make up or taking care of himself or teaching Pidge how to do her nails or showing softness at all times.

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I mean.. I said I would…


January 04 2017

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15842) Just thinking about my body completely ruins my mood and whole day.

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Do you ever realise just how sad you are and not even care.
— (via minical)
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